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setting up my 29 Biocube for the first time


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Im in the process of setting up my BioCube 29 gallon. Of course I have to cycle my tank with the live rocks. From reading all the threads here on nano reef, I'm going to put a poly pad on top and pull out the bioballs and fill it up with live rocks rubbles and I was thinking to put a bag of chem-pure on the bottom. Does it matter the size of the bag because theres alot of space? I have black beach sand as my substrate. Im going to put a hydro korlia in there, just one. Im going to leave my stock lighting alone and Im still deciding which skimmer what to get ? Thanks alot B)




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Yeah, the 10 ounce bag of chemi pure is good. In my cube I also run purigen and rowaphos. As for putting live rock in the back, I advise against it. It allows detritus and other debris to accumulate, rather just run some chaetomorpha and a submersible light. JMO

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