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Small particles in the water


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My brand new Red Sea Max been running for a week now and the water is still not crystal clear. There are a lot of small particles in the water. How do I get rid of them? My sands are the Agragalive Fiji Pink and I have live rocks. Would filter floss get clear out the water? Which chamber do I put it in?

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I use the same sand and I get the same. Some of the aragonite particles are very small and light.. I would recommend running a brine shrimp net through the water just to get rid of the small particles. I'm not sure how the RSM filtration system works, but make the water run through the floss as soon as it enters your filtration system.

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filter floss but I am sure you are seeing micro bubbbles.


If they are very small bubbles, they will go away over time. The RMS produces a lot of them when new.

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