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Boxing Shrimp lost pincer


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Hi guys,


I added a new Boxing Shrimp to my tank two days ago. It settled in just fine and found its hiding cave. I have just looked in the tank and noticed it now only has one pincer. his entire arm has gone. I am a little concerend as to what has caused it as I only aded him in the tank two days ago.


My current Stock list is:


3 Hermit Crabs

3 Turbo Snails


and thats it.


I recently removed a Rock Crab from the system so i don't think it is a hitch-hiker thats has caused it.


Does anyone have any ideas as to why he lost it and is there anything I need to do to to make sure it survives??




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Cool, thats what i thought, it was just the fact that he has only been in the tank two days so was concerned there could be something wrong with the system. Not that there should be as I have only over the last month started stocking after letting the tank mature for about six months with LR and it is looking really healthy.

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i have a shore crab that when i got her she only had three legs and no pincers, she molted a couple weeks later and when she molted one of the claws and 2 of the legs had grown back underneath the old exoskeleton, pretty common occurrence actually, if you have a right handed fidler and it looses its large claw with the next mold it will be left handed

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