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Coral Vue Hydros

bought a frogspawn today


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got this guy for $22. has two heads along with several dead branches. looked like a decend deal to me, but i'm a noob. the picture is taken after 10 mins of placing in the tank. and since then i've realized that it might sting the xenia, anybody think i should move it to a different spot.

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Originally posted by Acoustic

Yes. Frogspawn will terminate your xenia in less than a day.


It will terminate your xenia with extreme prejudice :P). Frogspwan packs a meanass wallop to just about anything. Give it PLENTY of room as those tentacles will start to spread out.

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I just went to aquarium concept last Sat, their equipments and fish have pretty good selections, but their corals sucks, sucks in terms of no good selection and all of them are simple common ones, the color isn't any good either, store is clean but too "commerical", I like tropical paradise better, altho they look like warehouse, their selections are very good, a lot of semi-rare color and species, just for the frogspwan they have at least 3-4 colors...


oh BTW, my frogspawn once touched my xenia, seems like my frogspawn got shocked more then my xenia does, I don't know...

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Agreed, Tropical Paradise is much better of a store as far as selection.


My frogspawn is super aggressive. If anything is near him, he will extend his tentacles out and sweep around to try to touch. He killed off a few heads of my Zoos.

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i've cut the thing down the middle and now have two separate ones since the heads were on different major branches. and i've relocated it to the opposite side of the tank.


for future references, what can i put close to the frogspawn, if anything? how about the xenia?


i agree TP is great place. but the frogspawns i saw there were all $35+ i think. althought they might be bigger frags, i can't remember. nice to see all you guys in the same area. do you guys go to the BARE meetings? i'd love to but i get off of work late.

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you are wrong, IME anyway.


I had a frogspawn frag which totally died. It dissapeared one night and I found it down the back of the rocks a couple of months later. I moved the skeleton to the top of the tank and in a few weeks it grew a tiny new head out of the side of the skeleton.



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here a picture of after cutting and relocating the frogspawn. not sure if its fully extended as i never had one before and can't recall when it was at the LFS. i separated the two heads but ended up putting them close to each other...

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