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My 29Gal. Nano Reef


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Hi all, I am new to this forum but not to saltwater fish/tank keeping. I have a 29 Gal. Reef right now. I did have a 55 Gal. tank but it sprung a leak and I had to transfer all of my rock and fish out of it and put it into two other tanks that I had around the house. That's okay though, I like the smaller tanks anyways.


My 29 Gal. tank has around 50lbs of live rock in it with all sorts of little baby feather dusters and the like. You can't see them with a digital camera, but they are there. I also have a 6-line wrasse, 4 stripe damsel, and a bi-color pseudochromis. There are numerous crabs and snails in there also. To add to that, I also have a long tentacle anemone, a colony of zooanthid polyps, and a beautiful flame scallop.


That's about it. No pics yet, but will have some soon I hope. I just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself and my tank. Have a good one.


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Well, I will admit that the survival rate of flame scallops isn't that good. They need to have a lot of phytoplankton and zooplankton to feed on. If you are in doubt that you have any, then you might be able to find a substitute at your local fish store. As for the bi-color pseudochromis, I picked him up at my local fish store a few days ago and he seems to be doing fine. He has harrassed my 6-line wrasse a little bit but has gotten some in return as well. The bi-color is a beautiful fish, I am glad that I have him in my tank and I hope that I do for a long time.

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