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six line wrasse?


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Originally posted by surfy

I have one in my 7g. I love it, very beautiful fish and very active. I also have a small false perk in with it. They like to hang together all day long.


do they literally like to swim around with each other or do they just coexist in your tank wihtout attacking each other?

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Well the clown is a jelious fish so it always follows the 6 line around to see what it's upto.

The clown is a pig and lazy so it lets the 6 line do all the hunting in the tank.

But mainly coexist with eachother. They are still very active together until the lights go out.

I have no water quality probs with the two fish. The clams and corals are healthy and happy.

I mainly got the 6 line for the clams but it never seems to check them out.

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my sixline and clown would do some weird sh*t. they would stare at each other until one would roll over onto it's back other than that they were always together.


Keep a tight lid they jump!

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