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Skimmer or Refuge?


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I got a 15gal, Im planning to put a prizm skimmer, but was wondering if it would be better to have a HOB refuge. Do these two do the same things or are they different?

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They are not the same. A refugium with lighting and macro algae can remove excess nutrients from your tank as the algae feed on it. Pruning and removing excess macro algae will completely remove these nutrients from the system. These types of refugiums take advantage of the photosynthesis process and also provide a breeding area for beneficial pods.


On the other hand, a protein skimmer can help slow the production of nitrates by removing dissolved organics before they go through the nitrogen cycle. Note that protein skimmers will also remove necessary elements from your water; so, if you use one, you should replenish these elements through partial water changes and dosing with products like B-Ionic.

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