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pbrr40's 11g ViaAqua


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this is my cherry finish ViaAqua 11g tank with matching stand and 2x18 PC lights.


I have a millennium 2000 filter. mini-jet 404 power head(hidden behind the rocks)



1 coral banded cleaner shrimp

1 black brittle star

1 emerald crab

a few bluelegs

1 sixline wrase

and lots of coral


In the picture i have a peice of cardboard blocking the light to help the puctures.

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*LITTLEFISHEE*- I will have some close ups soon... i am having trouble getting them to turn out good. but i see the you are in Palm Beach county. I went to school down there for a while. what store do you get most of your stuff from. I got my tank and some of the coral at "jewels from the sea"


it isn't the best but it is a little closer so i will post it for now.

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Pbrr, I have recently been to Jewels from the sea, they should change the name to "Jewels from the septic tank". That store was filthy, the glass was dirty on most of the tanks and there were 3 corals dying from brown jelly infections in seperate tanks.


I go to The Barrier Reef in Boca Raton for corals, Coral Seas in WPB for corals and Marine Life Designs in Pompano Beach for hand caught fish.


What school did you go to when you lived here? I graduated from John I. Leonard in 2000. I go to PBCC now.

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sorry to hear that about "jewls" coral sea is a nice place but i allways found that they were a little high on price but they had nice livestock and stuff that you don't run across all the time. I went to Palm Beach Atlantic University. But it was too expensive so i transfered to UNC-wilmington. they have a better Marine Biology program any way.

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here is a picture of the tank when i first set it up in West Palm after a trip down to the keys for macro and some critters: emerald crabs, hermits, brittle star, and a cucumber.

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then this is wat it looked like once it was somewhat established and i got some corals for it.


the emeralds and hermits completely wiped out the macro.

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