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New LR. Some moving coral? Mantis?


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I am new to SW nano tank.

Started cycling yesterday but found some strange animal on the LR.


Can someone please help me to verify if these are friends or foe.


I stopped cycling with this piece of rock.


Please let me know. thanks a lot.






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Let me be more clear


Pic1) A shrimp like creature on the rocks. It is small, and somewhat transparent. It is in the middle,

hanging sideways on the rock


Pic2) The coral like thing on the lower middle. Just outside the circular shaped rock.

It was in the rock, then all of a sudden, it packed up and moved. When it is not moving, it looks like

a coral.


Pic3) some sort of star-fish. Black-blue-grey in color. Very small. 5 legs. It is flat. In the middle, with

one of its leg lifted.


Pic5) The same as Pic2. But now different.


Please advise. thank you.


In this piece of LR, I already took out 2 crabs, 1 matis, 1 other shrimp, 1 clam. I am worry about the rest

attached to the LR.


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