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Tailspot Blenny and Firefish?


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So, we are slowly stocking our 34 gallon Solana. So far, we have a Tailspot Blenny, a Watchman Goby, and a McCoskers wrasse. My daughter really wants a purple firefish, but I am wondering if it would cause problems with the goby and the blenny. She also likes the orchid dottyback, not sure if this fish would be too aggressive or not.


We are hoping for a peacful tank. Seems like the Blenny is already showing the Goby who is boss. I don't know, maybe I should get another wrasse instead???


Please offer up your opinions. Thanks!

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Most dottybacks are a bit aggressive. My purple dotty back was fine with my clownfish, but loved to torment my fire shrimp. It could be hit or miss with a dotty.

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No I highly doubt a Purple Firefish would cause a problem with those fish. Getting the same type of fish like another purple... that would be problematic unless they are a mated pair.


Most of your fish are probably nipping at each other because they have to establish their territories so no need to worry.

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I'd advise against the dottyback. I just had to evict mine from my tank. Not only did he harass other fish but he also attacked my peppermint shrimp. Generally just an aggressive little guy all the way around. Beautiful though.

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orchid dottybacks (Pseudochromis fridmani) are peaceful species


This is not what I have read. I've read that of the dottybacks they are the most peaceful but this is a relative comparison. Of all fishgroups, they are on the aggressive side like all dottybacks. My dottyback was a diadema so I don't have personal experience with the orchids.

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