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Peppermint eating my Favia!


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I just got a peppermint to take care of the one aiptasia, but the first thing he attacked was my favia coral! WTF! I had to scare him off before he finally found the aiptasia. So will he eat my coral when the aiptasia is gone?????? I will get rid of him if that's the case... Please advise!

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I have seen Peppermints try to eat a frogspawn coral with my own eyes, and I'm sure it wasn't a camel either.

I'm kinda coming to the conclusion that they may be like Sexy Shrimp, as long as you keep them fed they'll leave your corals alone, but if they get hungry they start to nibble.

I stuck some Peps in my 16g to deal with a bad aiptasia problem.

Now that they've eaten all the aiptasia, I'm moving them to a different aquarium tonight.

Peps are good for aiptasia control, but they have to be used with caution.


Oh, btw, do a lugol's iodine dip on your favia, it should really speed up it's recovery.


1 cup tankwater

1 drop lugol's iodine

3 mins.

Repeat once a day for a couple of days if necessary.

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Dude thanks for advice! I went to dinner and came back to find more holes, so i managed to corner the guy and removed him b4 more damage is done. He's going back to the lfs tomorrow!!! Hopefully the favia will recover. Maybe it was jus the shrimp I got but be careful when using them!

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