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Dangsy's generic 5.5gal AIO


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So after selling off my 8gal biocube (link) and taking a bit of a break from fish keeping (and working on my fish catching skills :lol: ) I started a 5.5gal based on sandeeps design.


50W Hydor heater

Maxijet 400


Current 40watt 18in SLR T-5


here goes!


Started off with Lexan silicone




Siliconed the back wall together




I missed the painting of the sides but I siliconed it in and added water




Once again I picked up LR from someone on craigslist who had to take their tank down, I got some support rock, right above base rock, which didn't get any light at all but at $0.50 a lb I couldn't pass it up! Still had the bacteria in it just no coralline!




Added in more LR rubble in the side and a nice reefer in Richmond gave me a little bit of his chaeto

Been recently having some trouble with the chaeto dying off, might be a lighting issue? or possibly it's too close to the heater and getting too hot?




After waiting about 2 weeks without seeing any ammonia or nitrites I tossed an emerald crab in. He's working at the rock...for what...I have no clue.




Being the frugal reefer I am I checked craigslist for some frags, I wanted this to be more of a reef aquarium. A guy named Ben in northern VA hooked me up with a frag pack, I basically let him choose my starting corals for me as I really don't have much clue...


Acclimating the corals




And corals set up!




So after hating the look of those stoopid plugs I decided to try and cut them off and place them onto LR rubble. Worked pretty well I feel =D (PS previous pics were taken with cell phone cam, these rest are from my digital cam which I have no idea how to use)




As you can see my Xenia isn't doing so well =/ anyone have any ideas?


Close up of the corals...any IDs?








And last but not least...


My yellow watchman goby =D i love this sucker =D!




Thanks for looking!


any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated!


criticisms very very welcome also! anything to help learn =)

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Looks great. Looks like you got a bunch of cool zoas. There arent really any official names for most of them because people call them different things based on their color. Keep up the great work.

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