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Screen method for light acclimation


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I just upgraded from my stock AP 12 hood to a 150W jbj viper. I've read about the screen method for acclimating my tank, but I still have a couple of questions that I couldn't find on here. If there is another post on here that answers my questions, I'm sorry for asking again, but you can post the link here so I can go and look at the other post.


Anyways, I went to HD yesterday and picked up a roll of the cheapest fiberglass window screening that they had. I cut out 4 pieces and put them over the tank. This has cut the light down tremendously. It is much darker than with the old PCs. I also have the light mounted about 6-8 inches from the surface of the water.


How often should I be taking off each screen layer? Is there a way to tell by looking at the coral?


It appears that my finger leather and palys are reaching higher than they normally do towards the light. Does that mean it's already time to take off a layer?


I've had the four layers and the light running for a day and a half now.


Thanks for your help.

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If it's darker than the original lights, I would take a layer off, especially if the corals are reaching for the light. Take off a screen about one a week.

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I just went through this method 3 months ago. The way to tell if things are getting used to the light is how they act. Try taking a layer off and see if things close up. I removed a layer every 5 days or so and it still took my zoanthids a couple months to adjust.

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If your palys and leathers are reaching it's time to take another screen off. They will stop reaching eventually and you may still have some screens on I would give it a week between removal like Evil said. Eventually you'll have no screens and happy corals and no bleaching.


Oh and if you do notice the beginnings of bleaching put a screen back on and wait a week.

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I am currently doing this and have been able to move a bit faster than a screen a week it seems. My duncan and torch are the largest I have ever seen them. I did have to place a screen back on for a few days as the corals didn't respond well when I hurried 2 screens from 3. I waited about 2 additional days and then pulled the screen. Now I am down to one and considering it doesn't block too much light I doubt I will have to keep it on. Just my observations from my attempt.

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Might be a little too dense, and would make it harder to use multiple layers effectively.


So, the fiberglass screen from HD / Lowes then? I was thinking of using eggcrate as a tempory support.


My concern is the heat from the MH's. I haven't read any reports of this setup "melting away", but nobody's really expanded on that.


opinions / experience ?

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