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Pump Replacement for Biocube 8G?


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I found a Oceanic Biocube 8Gallon under the tree yesterday for my office. (i have an established 28G already(


put the new one together and water tested it. No leaks however.. not really happy with the output of the stock pump..

anybody have a recommendation on what pump will fit in the chamber and give some good flow?





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You can try the maxi-jet 600. It will fit and give you good flow. Or the 900 but that might not fit, and it might be way to much flow for the eight gallon. You are at 106gph right now, the 600 will get you to 160gph.

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Depends on the size of the chamber. A Maxijet may not fit but the Mini-Jet will. Like rainydave said, a Mini-Jet 606 will pump 82–153gph. It's adjustable, but I'd probably run it full on.


Marine Depot has them for $17.99.


I swapped a MJ606 into my BC8. It gives good flow even with a Hydor-Flo attached.

Did you have to adapt the tubing? Or did it slip right on?

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Thanks for the responses everyone...

i started with a JBJ 28G.. and the stock pumps were really sufficient.. just not feeling much push from the little stock pump that came with it..

I think the MJ600 will be a nice replacement.


Appreciate you all chiming in.


i am curious about the tubing though.. will it fit?

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