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Drilling a 5.5


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I want to drill a 1" hole in the bottom of a AGA 5.5 gallon tank. How hard is it going to be? I have a feeling with that thin of a glass, it will crack pretty easily. Any ideas of info?

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odds are if your havent drilled before you will crack it... the glass on 2.5-10g tanks is fairly thin... they are cheap tanks though so you could always give it a go and if it breaks your only out 10 bucks... my advice would be not to do it... maybe get a thicker piece of glass and replace the thin one to make it easier to drill

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I drilled 1/4" on a 75 and 1/2" on a 120 but never this thin. Maybe I will try one and see how it goes. Also, I am kind of leaning towards making an acrylic now.


Side note: Anyone have a good link to building your own acrylic tank?

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I agree, I don't think a hole saw would work, it will probably crack. If you use a diamond bit and more or less "grind" the hole it might work.


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