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West Coast mailorders, need advice


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I am tired of waiting for a few items to come in the LFS, so I was looking to buy online. However, I was only spending about $40-50 so I wanted to see if shipping was going to be cheaper from any fish places on the west coast. Then I thought, "I don't even know of any good online places on the West Coast!" (beside's Jeff's Exotic Fish).


Here is what I was looking to buy


Lettuce Nudi

Trochus snail

Nerite snail

Neon blue goby

SPS monti frag and/or rics.


Liveaquaria and etropicals have a $25 fedex fee, but neither of them have all the items I want. $25 shipping on a $50 order seems kind of silly.





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Neon gobys are the only thing I have seen around here for the last month or two. I figured I might as well order it if I am paying for shipping....



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I am skipping the goby and shrimp, will get those at Octopuss Gardens. Ron has a couple.


I can't find any of the sponsors that have all of the items I want in stock. Argh.

It looks like I am stuck with minimum $25 shipping from anyone, even west coast. Ah well.

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