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question about viper metal halide on a 20 high


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im looking into getting metal halide lighting for my 20 gallon high tank. do you think i could get away with putting the viper 70 watt on there, or do i need to go for the 150? the reason i would go with the viper is because it seems to be the best deal on new metal halide i can find. does anyone apose to this idea? is there anything about the viper setup that would cause one to stay away from it? thanks for any input


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Viper isn't a bad way to go, but a Sunpod is a better quality fixture if you can swing the extra cash. For a tank that tall, a 150W will be a much better choice. The 70W would be under powered. 150W MH will give you better options in bulbs too.

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I used to have a 20 tall with a 150mh and it was amazing. Everything grew like crazy, even stuff on the bottom. Definitely go with the 150. My only concern with the Viper is that it doesn't have actinic's or moonlight's built in.

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