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MyNiceReef 3 week old 34 red seamax update pics!


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Hey Guys just want to show some updated pics of my 34 gallon red sea max it is now about 3 weeks old I have noticed lots of growth on many of my corals mushrooms seem to be multipliying my lta plate coral is huge and my ricordia look like there splitting i also added a nice piece of green zoas i had a battle with some brown diatoms no problem now and im having a little battle with red slime (not to bad though) so far so good with everything. Im doing 5 gallon a week water changes with red sea pro salt hoping to upgrade to the tunze skimmer that stevie t has on his. First 4 pics are before pics hope you like


and a couple more pics












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Looks like it will be a great tank! Pretty bold move having so many corals in a 3 week old tank - I'm about 3 1/2 months in, and have two coral frags and no fish (RIP purple firefish) - but I count myself among the timid.


Good luck, and I'll keep an eye out for updates!

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Almost everthing in the tank except for a few corals was transferred from another 3 year old tank i was very nervous about the transfer but i only lost one shrimp and that was because he got sucked into my korila during molting !Thanks for the comments !!

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