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Cultivated Reef

Will This Kill Everything??


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will letting my live rock sit in freshwater for a minute to make all the crabs get out kill everything on the rock, i just want to get all the crabs off, and not kill the bristol worms or the feather dusters .


I have a 10 g tank with 3 chunks, 10 lb 5 lb and 5 lb piece. tank has been set up for a month and a half. i know there are about 7-10 crabs.


posted this but got no help






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Why do you want to remove the crabs? Have you identified them? Anytime you dip SW stuff in FW you will kill some stuff and create some serious stress. It's not good, don't recommend it, and would really wanna ID the crabs. Therer are other ways to remove crabs safely also....



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every day i come home from work a different one is munching on my shrooms they are too quick to pick off with my hands, plus i dont want to het pinched...one is the size of a nickle and has huge claws

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I dont have a digital camera, but all have sharp pinchers..not rounded(except for my emerald which i am going to keep), most are red with hairy legs


what are the alternatives??

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You could try setting a trap, like a small high&wide bottle with a piece of food in it so the crab can't climb out once he is in there...probably end up catching the wrong crab :P


I had some evil crab before and I ended up taking out the rock he was on and then I blasted him off the rock with a turkey baster.

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Don’t use freshwater, submerse your LR in a bucket of saltwater with a SG of 1.037 for about a minute. The inverts will likely leave the rock and then you can ID them and put what you want back in your tank. Your LFS might be willing to take anything that you don’t want.

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thanks seabass, will try that. I got one tonight, crushed him with a wooden spoon into a hole, bristolworms came out like 2 seconds later and start munching on him. come back half an hour later and his dead body is laying on the sand...all the meat and insides gone.. those bristol worms are good. now all i need to get is the tiny ones, will try 1.037 tomorrow..thanks again

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