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maybe a dumb question but....


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is there such a thing as too much filtration in a nano reef?

i have a 20 gallon with a bakpak 2 skimmer, and two wisper 2s

power filters

one of those being used as a fuge the other as a mechanical/ chemical filter


is this a good or a dumb idea?





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Try to let your LR and LS do your "filtration".....by that I mean don't run the biowheel or sponge in the HOB or skimmer. If you do, make sure you wash it weekly to keep it from getting "biological". Otherwise, you'll have a dependence on that "external" filtration, and when you take out or replace your wheel or media, you could have a small cycle. The exception to that is an external fuge, because it also does so many other good things for the tank.


In terms of your equipment, it's all good as far as circulation goes.

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I don't see anything wrong with any of it, Ashley. There are many people here who run a skimmer, fuge & bio wheel - together. There is no exact science in tank filtration. We don't no enough about the hobby to say what's right & wrong.


If you find it's not working, make a change or two. Experiment. Rock on.

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i dont have a bio wheel

its one of those pf with out one.

so its all good thats cool

i have another Q

with the saltwater wont it wear down the motor or impellor of the pfs fairly quickly or am i just fussing about nothing?





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Wow, that's a dumb question.



Just kidding :)


IMHO, phosphate removers and activated carbon are great, but I would not use any mechanical filtration to remove particles from the water.


Carbon keeps your water from turning yellow and also removes nasty organic warfare emitted by your coral.


Phosphate remover helps keep down algae.

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