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What bulb would YOU use on your SPS tank?


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The topic pretty much says it all. I'm looking for a new bulb, 250w DE, to put on my tank. My current bulb is not old, it's just a 20K that's whiter than a lot of 14K's that I have seen. I'm having a hard time choosing between a few different brands, and their 14K and 20K options. As my previous statement should allude to, I'm looking for a bluer bulb than my 20K CoralVue, pictured here.




All comments pertaining to lighting are welcome. If you have a picture of your tank or someone else's under the bulb you'd choose, please feel free to post it. Thanks!

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The fixture is an Outer-Orbit, so I do have T5 actinic supplements. Thanks so far, guys. Phoenix, Radium, Helios, Geissman, and Ushio are the brands I'm looking specifically at.

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