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Cultivated Reef

13W 6400K "tube" shoplight - $7.94


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My Costco - (TN), is selling a yellow "tube" shoplight with a 13W 6400K bulb for $7.94. Very similar to the ones that Home Depot sells for $16. I bought one last night and I will be trying to fire up a couple different bulbs in it tonight. I will also be busting it appart and taking a good look at the ballast. I will post pics tomorrow.


This is a sweet deal, seeing as I can't even buy a 6400K bulb around me for less then that!


Thanks to RobD for an earlier post about a 2x13 at his Costco for $17. That is what made me jump in my car and check it out. My Costco didn't have the 2x13.

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