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Moving tomorrow...Do I have everything?


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Well tomorrow I am going home for the holidays and after some research I wanted to double check I was doing this right.


I have a 6 gallon NanoCube and bought a 5 gallon bucket to put everything in. Should I just be able to put the rock, fish, and small amount of coral in the bucket? Do I need to poke holes in the top? I will leave a small amount of water and the sand in the tank, but what about the ceriths that will be hiding in the sand? And last question: do I really need a heater and pump in the bucket for a 3 1/2 hour trip?


Anyway, thanks in advance for the advice.

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What do you mean by poking holes?


Take out the ceriths/snails in the sand and add them to the bucket. You might want to use a small battery operated airpump. Are you driving? If so, you should have the car warm enough so the bucket doesn't cool too much.

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I was being a bit facetious when I said poke holes, sorry. I just meant does some air need to pass through in some way; like leaving a bit of the lid open. And I can guarantee the car will be warm

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