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Tetra Test kit???


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So I go to the lfs, Im kinda in a rush cause i had class in 15. I needed to get a test kit cause I forgot to get one yesterday (I started the tank yesterday) They had the Tetratest kit there the laborett one. I asked the lfs guy if this is all I need and he said that it is all I need. I get on the forums later to see what people say on this kit. Good kit. However, I can only test pH, ammonia, and Nitrite. Ive read several threads recommending nitrate, phosphate and calcium tests. This test kit comes with seemingly useless tests. The Carbonate Hardiness (KH) and general Hardiness (GH). Im sorry but wtf are these for, do I need them, should I get the Ca and nitrate, and phosphate tests? Am I missing any other tests? Thanks in Advance:)

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I have the Tetratest and I have found the tests to be fairly accurate.


Useless? I wouldn't say that. pH, amm, and nitrite are all tests that you need to perform during the cycling process.


As far as kH goes.... this is a measure of your tanks alkalinity. Alk and calcium go hand in hand in a reef tank. YOu will need to monitor both of these levels carefully for the success of your corals.


You need to also pick up a calcium test kit. I would reccommend Salifert for this, and I am sure others here would agree. I picked up a Tetra nitrate test kit. I find the results to be adequate. Alot of people I have heard are so in tune with their tanks that they do not need to test for this. I do not trust myself that much.


Hope this helps.



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Heh thanks man. Im going to pick up a nitrate test kit and a Ca test kit soon. The new problem is that my pH is 7.8. Trying to figger out how to raise it up without gettin proper pH. It looks like I may have to do that. I aimed the PH at the surface with no luck. I guess I'll test it again when I get home. Any ideas on this?

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Try checking your Alkalinity. If it's low your pH will drop, stable alk is the key to stable pH. Reef Builder by Seachem is great for boosting alk, they also make a much better marine buffer for you pH than the "Proper pH" crap....errrrr I mean stuff. ;)


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You can also put an airstone in your tank to raise the PH, that is what I did. Also do not buy the Tetra Nitrate testkit, it is crap. All the rest of the tetra kits are fine.

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Mermaid, so what can I do to raise alkalinity? right now its at 7 dkh. Clemtiger, putting an airstone in the tank? will that be a one time deal or will I always be adding airstones. Also Ive read after much search button use that pH lowers when leaving the lights off. I havent been home today I will check it when I get home. Thanks again fellas

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I think your PH is low since it is a newly set up tank, once the airstone raises your PH it could be taken out and the tank should maintain it. If you like it you could always leave it in, it will help keep your PH more stable. This will always help with oxygen exchange. You could add some marine buffer since your hardness is at 7, and see if that helps. Seachem make a good one.

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Originally posted by clemtiger00

Also do not buy the Tetra Nitrate testkit,  it is crap.  All the rest of the tetra kits are fine.


Just wondering what your issue was with the Tetra nitrate. I am currently using it... but have no other results to compare it to. It says I am currently at around 12.

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Mine also stayed right around 12, no matter how much I changed my water. My tank had only been running a month or less and I had religously changed my water once a week, and it should not have been that high. After buying and testing with the Hagen, Nutrafin Nitrate test it tested less than 5. My LFS which is pretty good, I think, said they had to stop selling the Tetra Nitrate test because of the accuracy. Try another test, or get it tested and compare the results. Let me know if it is different because I can be wrong.

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How long does it take an airstone to raise pH? I left it in there all nite last nite to no avail. I guess Im gonna go with a baking soda wc? Or some time of alk booster or pH booster. I just dont wanna be dosing all the time with this stuff

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