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Fuge Fish?


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So okay on my 40 gallon I'm setting up a 20L fuge which was originally only going to be a 10g fuge but the glass on a 10 is to thin to drill so I did the 20. What I was thinking is I have a mated pair of misbar clowns and a pygmy angel in a friends tank holding them for me but I don't want them in my 40 display.Reason for the angel is he picked at my SPS before I took him out when the 40 cracked before and the clowns are just to "normal".

What I was thinking was splitting the 20L in two basically have 10 for the fuge/protein skimmer and 10 for the clowns and angel. The clowns are only about 1 1/2 and 2" and the pygmy is about the same do you think theyd be ok?

And now that I'm looking at it I might only have 1 to a max of 3 other fish in the display. Think it could fly?

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