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My nano cube 24


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The tank is over two years old now. I used to have a maroon clown but he became to agressive and large so I gave him to a friend to put in his 120 gal reef tank.




maxi jet 900

Sunpod 250watt

protien skimmer

power head


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Update had to get rid of the nem. Just to large for the tank. it is now in a 120 gallon tank along with the prevously mentioned maroon clown. Question about clean up crew. I had scarlet hermit crabs from the begining. recently I removed them opting for snails. for two week I was without a clean up crew and witnessed no change in my tank. Is this common..? does any run no/minimal clean up crew?


to anyone who has tried the tunze doc 9002 protein skimmer do you recomend it?


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I have a tunze 9002 in the 2nd chamber and it works good as long as you keep the water level constant. I think the remora was easier when I had my 55 gallon but I dont have extra space for a hang on and this fits perfectly in the 2nd chamber. Most water changes I have to retune the skimmer which is very easy, just a little turn of the nob one way or the other.


Your tank looks good and :welcome: to the best nano-reef site.

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Thanks for the welcome.

The mentioned Nem has now spit, obviously stressed. Good news both are doing well so far. Both around three inches in diameter. Previously 6 inches. Pics will be coming soon.

Clean up crew. I added a peppermint shrimp to get rid of aptasia. Worked but also ate some baby Xenia. Oh well well worth it.

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