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Worm that was bugging/eating goniopora


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A couple of weeks ago I noticed the polyp extension on my goniopora dropped significantly. I assumed that I was just another one of the unlucky yet common goniopora keepers. I today I saw what looked like a worm moving around the base of the goniopora. It definitely is not a bristleworm (I've seen those). Its coloration is exactly like the base of the goniopora (green/white) and difficult to spot. It is no thicker than a millimeter and 3" long. It is too soon to say if the goniopora benefited from its removal (freshwater/iodine dip)


Here is a picture



Any idea what it could be? I think its been hanging around the gonipora for some time too, because I did notice something a while ago but I thought it was just the base tissue of the gonipora curled up.

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