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Sign of Cycle ending???


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I have a 20G tank that has been cycling for about 2 weeks now. About 12 lbs LR, been adding biozyme as recomended. Ammonia rose to about .5 then dropped, Nitrites rose along with ammonia to about .2, now nitrate test comes back clear, which I dont understand. 0 is supposed to be purple and it is clear???? Red Sea test, that now after reading many forums I have learned is not very reliable.


Also, I have started to get green ?hair? algae on the glass, and the water is now kind of cloudy, like its snowing very fine dust.


Any tips, suggestions, or just keep waiting.



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I would say bring a sample of your water into you LFS. If the color you get from the test isn't even on the color chart - then your test kit sucks. Sounds like Hagen :nerd:


Your LFS will test your water for you.

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