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New nano guy


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Hey folks


Although not being new to reef tanks, I am new to nano's.


Picked this little guy up at the LFS today. Some guy had it built as a sump, then backed out. They were happy to give it to me :)


Sooooooo Im gonna do a Nano !!


It measures 16.5 high 16 long 12 deep


So that would be a 13 gallon tank.


More ???? to follow:| ???

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You may not know it yet, but this is what you want. It may seem like a lot, but it will give you years of troublefree service and allow you to keep more types of livestock, and keep them healthier than other lights:




These come with a $90 Aqualine Buschke (10,000) bulb which burns at 13,000K which looks great with no actinic supplimentation. The hood is only a foot wide and 7 inches deep. My brother has thins on a 10-gallon Via-Aqua and it absolutely blows away my 10 gallon's 175watt 10,000K pendant.

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Cool, another 16" square reef. Mine is actually a cube, but surprisingly most cubes are either 12 or 18". Nice to see others who throw conventional sizes out in favor of unique.


Good luck.

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