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What a HUGE hitchhiker!


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Alright, I recently purchased 2 small, white w/ neon green bumpies (I don't know the correct term for them, sorry) ricordea. One was attached to a small rock along w/ a larger, softer rock looking thing. Well, this softer rock wasn't open at the LFS or for most of the day in my tank. But later that night I checked up on everyone and to my amazement...I've got an anemone...I think.


I really have no idea what he is.


I have attached two pictures in hopes someone will have an ID. The first is a great shot of his tentacles and mouth, which is bright orange. The second is a shot of his body, which is really quite large.


Thanks for looking,


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I'm not positive which kind it is, but it's -pretty-. Also, it looks fairly expensive.


I think I've seen those at the LFS for around $30 (compared to $10 for condys).


I don't know why I wanna say it's a sebae, I don't -think- it's a sebae.


(KEEP IT! lol)



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