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70 Watt MH Bulb Types


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Originally posted by AbSoluTc

Pss, you can run a 150w bulb on a 70w ballast with the same light output as a 70w.  


Just an FYI


Without damaging the life of the bulb and still have the specified output (i.e. 10000K)??

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Ive run a 10k 150w bulb on a 70w ballast for a few weeks without incident. Anything beyond that as far as rated life, I do not know.

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wow. I may actually be willing to risk that. Running a 70watt pendant on my 3 gallon nano does not give me much space to place PC actinics and i'm not enjoying the 10k coloration as much as my 50/50 pc's.


If i can put a 150watt 20k light in there, that would be great. So does yours work fine absolutc?

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I was just wondering absolutc, the 150 watt DE bulb is longer than the 70 watt bulb. so did you buy a 500 watt halogen fixture to mount in? or did you just mod your current setup somehow.

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