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Sea Horses


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Anyone ever kept seahorses in a nano before? I saw some at my LFS in a small via aqua tank, they looked pretty bad ass.


How hard are they to keep? Are they compatible with other small fish like clown and what not.


I have an 11 gallon via aqua with a cpr bak pak and was considering getting these for it.


any advice?

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If you want seahorses, give them their own tank. Buy captive breed, that are eating frozen Myssis Shrimp. There are just too many things to go wrong and overcome in a nano reef tank.



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i agree with dick, the ponies are best left in a species tank.


that said they could definitely be done in a nano, maybe not completely conducive to a true reef environ tho (i.e. corals and LR). check out forum.seahorse.org for more info.


i wouldn't advise a mix of clowns and horses (any fish for that matter). mandarins maybe, and the splendidus rather than the picturatus. also the smaller the better imo as they will be competing directly for food.

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Sea Horses are definately EXPERT level... I saw your other post and I dont think you should keep any for at LEAST a year, but they are pretty cool... Pipefish are awesome too.

and iam not sure but I think they like very little current.


but dont worry, lots of people dont have the time/patience/ability to take care of them, they are VERY sensitive creatures.

(With my scedule I dont think I could manage one either)

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