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lighting a not so nano


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ok guys I know that a 72gal bow front dosent really count as a nano but you are all so smart I figure you might be able to help. I, as you have guessed, have a 72gal bow front that I am going to set up as a reef. Lighting is more of a problem than I thought. my first plan was to use an aqualight.. a good friend of mine has one on his 55 and it looks great. The problem is, they only make aqualights up to 260 W. Not enough for a 72gal right? I thought about MH lighting but the only way it compares to an aqualight in price is if I get everything DIY and build my own hood... which I could do but I am lazy... what would you guys do??

thanks a bunch

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I agree with the dual MH, but you could either leave it at that (get 14,000K bulbs), or also go with the Power Compacts...like 2-4x65watt or 2x96watt for actinic. Power Compact is catching on in popularity and boasts some advantages over VHO...especially avaailability in the future.

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