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PH placement


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In an attempt to clear up my cyano prob, I installed a Aquaglobe 200 today in my eclipse 12 mentioned in a previous thread. Where would be the best location to place it? I currently have it stuck on the left side in the back running wide open, with the nozzle about 6" deep pointed towards the center of the tank so that it makes ripples on the water surface directly in the front center of the tank. Is that deep enough? Should the flow be wide open, or do I need to lower it?

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I pointed my PH at the cyno...after 9 days it slowly dissapated...now I point mines toward the top for the ripple effect. I think you can have it wide open..I let my aquaglobe 200 be wide open in my eclipse 6...no more cyno tooo...sweet

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Cool, then it sounds like I've got it in the right place. I just now took it off the wall of the aquarium took it in my hand and blew that crap off all my CC and LR, then scooped out what I could. I absolutley hate it....Soooo annoying... Hopefully hasn't caused too much damage to the LR it covered.

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