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What is the best fish?


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Funny, but I have to admit, Tuna is much better raw as sushi than cooked, easily my favorite. It tastes like steak. Second would be the 'redfish' as they call it, then the salmon. A little wasabi on the side....mmmmmmm.


Oooooooh, alive!!! (LOL on the fly)

I love the clown gobys, especially the green ones...so cute yet soooo cool.

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sexually frustrated mermaid:woot: ;)


I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. but now for some opinions. Salmon makes the best sushi. Tuna (almost raw) makes the best steaks. Any fish I keep is the best fish for I am.... a fish god !!! JK! but my demonic looking anglers kick ass.:D

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Striped Bass is the best when you catch it and cook it.


nothing beats hauling a tuna in, fileting it and eating it while you are fishing for more.


I have no fish in my tank. All to change in the very near future.


However, for personality clowns are great. Gobies too.


If you have a larger tank, Midas Blennies are pretty cool.

I'm going to install a 6000 gallon tank so that Kalawai can come and swim around in it.


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My favorite fish have to be wrasse & gobies. You gotta love how wrasse cruise the tank constantly. Kinda like a humming bird stopping from flower to flower, hovering then darting off to another........its so cool


At 400lbs I suppose you get some good sized fish steaks from a Napoleon wrasse.

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I really like the looks of my Purple Firefish.. especially when he swims and then stops and the dorsal fin goes straight up and the other fins spead apart to show the beauitful color.

I wish I could post a pic for you but dont have a cam.

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Six line wrasse are easy, and very interesting to watch, and just the right size for a nano.


My favorite is no good for a nano, because it gets too big, and just loves shrimp sushi, but my favorite fish is a greenbird wrasse. The one that I had would spit water at me every time I was near the tank to beg for food! People would freak when they got wet looking at my tank.

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