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15gal nano pics on MH


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hi all , i am new to your forum and i find there is a wealth of information here , i would like to share my 15gal nano tank which has been set up 5mths ago , during which i have gone through various pest algae including diatoms, cyno and hair algae . i am presently adding corals very slowly , also choosing correct size and types of corals for nano is a headache. pls comments good or bad .


5" dsb grade 0

nitrates 0.1

temp 27-29deg C

150w MH 20000k

cal 430

alk 12

3 pcs ac fan 24/7

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nice setup.. i like your rock work.. very nice... do you have a sump or fuge that the overflow goes to or something? oh yeh.. is that a tang in there??? dont you think the tank is too small for him? just a question.... im not really sure the tank size for one of them...


nice setup

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yap , thats a blue tang , i must say soon he'll be too big for the tank , i got a 75gal tank housing frontosa , just didn't want to convert to sw yet due to the cost , propably later . i do have a 15 gal sump as well housing mainly marcroalgae , thanks for the compliment on my rockwork , it is always changing when i buy new corals , must have done the rockwork more than 10 times .is my placement of corals ok?

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really cool rockwork...I enjoy the look of frameless aquariums so much...did you build yours yourself or did you get it from somewhere?

BTW, I know youre going to get it for having a tang in such a small tank, but i say as long as it has somewhere to go as it grows...all good (IT WILL have somewhere to go in a few months, right??!!).

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thanks , i must say i like the rockwork myself , yap i read that the x'mas tree rock need lots of light and flow , will try to reposition .will update when i can lay my hand on some nice corals and some sps.

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I noticed from yuor pic that you have a hippo tang in your 15g tank?


I got a 20g tank and tried to keep a small hippo tang and got lots of disagree opions from the reefcentral forum debating that hippo tang requires at least 75g tank

what do you think?

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