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Radium 150w 20k lamp experiences?


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I am considering running a solo Radium 150w 20k lamp on my 20g tank. I haven't heard of a lot of people running these lamps. Searching through the nano-reef archives, I have seen one tank picture with a Radium 150w.


So anyone here have any pics or info they can share about these lamps?





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If you go to helloslights.com you will see that they make them. I am to wondering the same because I'm going to upgrade the 10K to 20K eventaully and I was kinda stuck between this brand and Ushio. Alot of sites that I have visted have said that they use Radium bulbs and that they have great success, so I'm kinda leaning to that regardless of the higher price of them.



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I just bought one to replace one of my 20k catalina bulbs that burnt out (SURPRISE =)). I know I should have gotten two but at the moment I can only spring for one. Maybe another in a week or two or three. I will take pics of it when it arrives, it will be a good comparison, even though the catalina's suck, you will probably still see a difference.

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You should check out the Aqualine Buschke "10,000" bulbs. They burn at 13,000K and look fantastic as a solo light. I think that most of the true 20,000K's look way too blue if run alone.


Many 20,000K's, such as XM/XDE, burn at true 13,000 or 14,000, which is better for blue-white solo lighting. Radiums look very blue and darker than other bulbs for their wattage - unless you overdrive them with a champion ballast, but then they need to be replaced at 5 months!

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