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1st tank tell me what you think pictures


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This is my first SW tank and I am making life difficult. I am starting with a 20G and a lot of reading, tell me what you think of my setup and maybe answer a few of my question.


Pictures here




Click on full size for very, very, very detailed shots.




1) I can't figure out what some of the little creatures running around my liverock are. They look like little shrimp or maybe bristleworms. Can't really tell any advice on things to identify.


2) These photos were taken 1 day after liverock introduction, should the water be this clear?? My understanding was it would get very cloudy, like it was the first day, and stay that way until the cycle came to an end???


3) I am dying to know what "hitch-hikers" came with my liverock, both good and bad, any tips on finding, identifying, or time frame of appearance would be helpful. This is my main point, as it will be a while before I get to look at anything else :)


4) When should I introduce cleaner crew, and what first, second, etc.




My setup:


20G glass aquarium, custom hood w/ 2 13W PC 50/50, Penguin 330, Maxi-jet 1200, ebo-jager 100W, approx. 13 lbs. lr, crushed coral.

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I think that you could go without the bleached white coral skeletons. The reason is not asthetic though. Remember that when you buy corals they come on rocks. So you are gonna need the space taken up by the coral skeletons for them.

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Right, I have them in there now just for looks, they are not planned for permanent attractions, more just to fill the void for now. I got them from a buddy who did not use them any more as his tank is now full of the live stuff.



Keep it coming

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For a 20-gallon tank, about 30lbs of LR is good for natural filtration. I try to give myself just enough room to get my hand between the back glass and the rock (for cleaning, retrieving fallen frags, or whatever).


1) Your creatures are probably pods. They are good for your tank. It’s amazing how many hours all of us have probably spent watching pods during our cycles.

2) Your water should be that clear. Cloudiness has to do with suspended particles, while your cycle has to do with bacteria, ammonia, and nitrite levels (which you can’t physically see).

3) You’ll have more hitchhikers than are currently visible. In a month or two you will see more life (Stomatella snails, Bristle worms, starfish…).

4) Wait for your cycle to complete (ammonia and nitrite levels spike then return to zero). Afterward test for nitrates; they should be less than 20ppm (10ppm or less is better). Partial water changes can be done to lower your nitrates. A Scarlet Reef Hermit crab is a nice first addition, then add some snails (you should be fighting some algae blooms about that time).


Looks good welcome!

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Well, I have definitely identified at least one feather duster, yay. It has a white tube base approx. 1 inch long with the radiole only 1/8 " (maybe) with an orange/pink color.


I still don't know what the other creatures are. More decription as I got a real good look at a few of them. They are about 1/4" long, look maybe segmented but not sure, have many legs or appendages of sorts on their underside, swim fairly well, crawl very fast, seem to like grazing on the liverock, and their ass-end seems to mostly curl under on them.


I also see many small tree-like things on the rock, maybe 1/4" off the rock, some are white, others a green-ish brown. Are these corals???


Thanks again, will keep posting new finds.

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