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caja's 7.5 Round Two


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As some of you know, I gave up the battle lost to hair algae and a mutant flatworm infestation last week. Wish I'd thought to take a before pic of the condition of the tank, but frankly it was too depressing anyway.


So here's the newly renovated 7.5 complete with the ever popular pile-o-rocks. I got the last of the rock in today as well as some very cool stuff from ipsf.com

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Caja, I like the stack you have going in the 7.5, but ohmygodwow@your Minibow! Beautiful work. You've got game hon.


Can't wait to see how the next incarnation of the 7.5 goes.



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vewwy nice caja, i luva de bow. Looks like youre on your way to a sweet tank with the Chris Marks special. If you would like a custom hood built for it lemme know......

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I like your 'pile-o-rocks' actually :). Looks great! I would have liked to see your tank-o-algae too actually to see what you were up against. Regardless, looks like a great start!

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Heh, Ross and Crak, this is addictive, no? I can't even to begin to think of the $$$ spent on round one, but onward and upward! Ross, post some pics when you are up and running. I'd love to see what you have planned.

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Ross, post some pics when you are up and running. I'd love to see what you have planned.
Yeah, well... this is getting out of hand. First I was going with a 30-gal cube, which is borderline-nano. Then I had decided on a 46 AGA bowfront. Today I'm totally insane and going with a 75-gallon drilled tank, and will build the tank/cabinet myself.


I'll probably pick up said tank next week & start building the cabinet the week after. It'll be a long process, & may be six months before I get to the point of adding LR & sand (due to funding). I'll probably post a few pics along the way, but since this site's dedicated to nano-reefs, I'm gonna take it easy.



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Great start Caja...


I probably need to scrap the 20 and start it fresh, but unless my liverock starts multiplying and creating more, I'm not forkin' over the bucks. I'll keep fightin' the good fight, though.


Love the url for the website, Ross. Someone ought to register that, just for the fun of it.

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Get after it caja! Already I can envision what the stack of LR will look like in a few months... So let me be the first to tell you, "NICELY DONE!!! AND LOOKING GREAT!!!"

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