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NanoCube burnout


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this is pretty wack, the light on my JBJ Nano Cube burnt out already. WTF, its only like what 2 months old. So tomorrow its off to the freakin store to buy another light to replace this one. Luckily Aquatic Outlet is not to far, maybe I can make it there before work or something.


Man this is lame!

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My JBJ Nano cube light only lasted 1 month. WTFO ?

It cost me $30.00 to replace the bulb.

I'm not a happy camper and would not recommend buying this product. I think there might be some kind of defect with the ballast.


Good luck,


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JL what a drag. What are you going to replace the light with?


Did you ever hookup with Paul for xenia and fuzzy shrooms? He was complaining to me about having to start flushing the xenia since it is way out of hand.



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ok so here is an update


I took my hood, had to cut the damn brackets off to take it out, back to the LFS and the guy there told me my light (actual bulb was fine) the ballast was bad, he tested my light and it worked. So, he said that he would send it back (free of charge and replace it) Today I got a new hood with ballast and light and it works. So everything is cool now, kinda lame that this is happening though. I hope this one lasts longer...I can only think that since they are cranking out these "NanoCubes" like hotcakes some will have faulty wiring.


Gil, unfortunately because of a car accident I was not able to get in touch with your buddy about the Xenia. I sent him an email back and I hope we can get in touch later this week. The accident kinda threw things off for me lately so thats why I have not been on here, or even looking at my emails or anything like that. Everything is getting back to normal.


Oh for inquiring minds, while my light was being fixed I used a 20watt desk lamp for light...yah ghetto I know

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Hey JL,


Today, I spoke with the JBL guys in person (Inglewood,CA). I had the same problem (bulb burnout). They gave me another ballast and the light works fine. You can actually slide the top off(slide the top forward evenly).

I'm crossing my fingers. It's a bummer, I had to buy another bulb. JBJ would have replaced the stock one. Hopefully, it will last more than a month. Keep your receipts!!!



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Dr...yah man, got to keep the tank, only the hood was worked on


ahi...DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder, now I see how that WOULD HAVE worked...


man, thanks for that info.


Yah, Aquatic Outlet is also in Inglewood (on Hindry) that may be why they were so willing to work with JBJ since its so close. I didnt even have my reciept, but I go there all the time so the guuy recognized me and said he would send it in for me, and he did. Awesome customer service on their part.

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