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I went to my LFS today, and as my tank is ending its cycle, I'm thinking more and more technically about what to stock it with. I saw two baby percs about 1/2" long and fell in love. I need your honest opinions here. I have a 7g minibow, would I be able to house the 2 percs in this setup? I know I know, they wont be thriving, but then again, what fish does 'thrive' in a nano anyhow. I already talked to the store, and they said once they outgrow the tank (like when they get around 2") he will take the second back. Would you guys condone this? Or am I in over my head? Honesty wont hurt my feelings so say what you feel...

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I would suggest sticking to just one fish. The beginning stages of the tank are the most delicate and you don't want to push the bioload, besides 1 fish for your size tank is more than enough.

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As I thought. I was just looking at my tank and kind of figured the same thing. As much as I want two, I think that the one would be much happier by himself than cramped with a buddy. Thanks.

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