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you want me to put my hands WHERE?!


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Just an informal poll of sorts, out of curiosity...


Who here actually wears gloves when working on their tank (hands submerged in water). And if you do not wear gloves, what do you do to cleanse your hands? I personally wear gloves, but want to know if its necessary or usefull in any way.


So how do you guys do it>?

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No gloves for me. I find it hard enough to grasp things in the tank without gloves on.


As for cleansing afterwards... a good scrub with some good hand soap.

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I rarely use gloves unless I think I might bump the frogspawn (and I don't know if that would even sting). I try not to stick my hands in the tank if I have washed my hands with soap in the last couple of hours, and I rinse them with tap water right before I go diggin around. Rinse them after too.

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I wash my hands with a tiny drop of dish soap and then rinse well with warm water to get any leftover soap off. Then I just use a towel to dry the guys off.

My hands are always in my tanks, Damn snails.:)

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i thought this was about something totally different. :


you could use soap but rinse thoroughly. use hot water if you can take it. cologne/perfume are no no's. rinsing as much as you can is the key imo.



drunk snails? you might want to get a dowel rod. it makes life much easier.

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I used to just stick my hands into the tank, because heck, the guys at the LFS had their hands in the tanks all day with no problelms.


Then I read an article by Bob Fenner on www.wetwebmedia.com about keeping your bare skin out of the tank. Apparently when we put our skin in the tank, we release oils into the water, which...you guessed it...helps feeds the algae.


So for me, I'm a glove man (no glove, no love).



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Unfortunately, my hands are in the tank more than I care for but I always have to rearrange or fix something that has fallen, etc. I don't wear gloves but normally wash my hands with common table salt and very hot water. I know that sounds bizarre but I figure the salt will help get any leftover soap, etc on my hands. After I dry my hands I always do the 'smell test' to make sure I don't have any soapy or cologne smell to them just to be safe.


I have been grabbed by a mini-carpet anenome who wouldn't let go, been stabbed by a bristleworm, and all my fish have bit me at one point in time or another. It still startles me to this day when they do that.

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The thing that always scares the crap out of me no matter how many times it happens is when I touch my tube worms tube and it shoots back inside it.:)

I have also been bitten,poked,stuck,stung you name it. Also a minor shock from a crappy heater turning on.

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I get 50, 36 inch disposable vet gloves for $2. although I dont always stop to put one on. I have used wrist length surgical gloves but the cuff fills with water.

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Originally posted by MrKrispy

if they can take all the mercury in the ocean they can take some bacon fat off my hand!    :)


LMAO, so very true...but thats like a tank full o mercury right there from that bacon grease off your hands ;)

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I use the yellow dishwashing gloves. I first bought those aqua gloves, the ones that go all the way up to your shoulders, too bulky at the hand, waste of money to use on a nano :*(

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