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Would 20lbs Gulf LR = 15lbs Fiji LR?


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Hi Everyone-


I'm in the process of setting up my first nano (10 gallon AGA) and I'm at that aganizing point where I need to decide what live rock to get. I can get 15-20 lbs of either gulf LR or fiji LR for about $5/lb shipped. I've read that that gulf/keys rock is denser than Fiji (or other pacific rock). However can anybody put a number to this?


Would it be too far off to day 15 lbs of Fiji = 20 lbs of gulf? What I'm getting at is even though I can get either Fiji or Gulf LR for $5/lb, Fiji rock might be a better deal since it's more poruses and thus lighter (you get more volume per lb).


Anybody have any thoughts?



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Yeah, gulf rock is typically heavier but there is no way to give you a conversion chart. All rock will vary a little so I'd be shooting in the dark. I'd get fiji anyhow since I think it looks better.



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Fiji all the way.. Unless of course your want to set up a gulf tank.

If u want to keep corals/fish from fiji area use fiji rock. If you can get gulf corals/fish then use gulf rock. Its a simple question of what environment u wish to duplicate.

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Originally posted by Fant

Its a simple question of what environment u wish to duplicate.


er....what environment i want to duplicate?

that doesn't make sense to me.

Unless you have a biotope type tank

(i.e. samples from FW and SW: Amazon Rainforest Cichlid tank...Indo-Pacific Coral tank....Florida coral tank...Australian Annual tank...)...which i highly doubt.


So Fant, I'm assuming you have fiji rock? and u are doing a Fiji biotope tank? So all your corals and livestock represent the livestock from that particular biotope?


i didn't think so. most likely we all shop for corals and livestock for aesthetic and care purposes...most of the best reef tanks mix all sorts of corals from around the world....


so likewise with rocks it wouldn't matter where it is located. ...get what rocks you want from wherever you want.


If possible i'd advise even mixing rocks, to get bio-diversity of life from all regions...(they recommend mixing live sand from as much different sources as possible...)


eventually all your rocks will be mixed as u get pieces of different frags from LFS or trades...

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Where are you getting LR for $5.00 lb shipped?


I'm pricing a 100+gal set-up. The LR is going to eat me alive! To the tune of over $400.


Thanks,I appreciate it.

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I can get it for about $5/lb shipped from either:


liverocks.com (LR is $2.99/lb right now) or

premiumaquatics.com (uncured fiji $3.50/lb plus they can ship via ground since I'm in St. Louis and they're in Indianapolis)


Basically shipping either makes or kills the deal for me. However liverocks.com is pretty cheap now so I could afford the shipping.

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