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yellow watchman turning white...???


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I bought a yellow watchman over the weekend and he seems to have been fine up until tonight when i turned on the lights to the room i seen him swimming by the glass and he was totally white.. i checked my water and everything was still good...

ph 8.3

nitrites 0

nitrates 0

alk 13dkh

ca 440

sal 1.023

temp 80


anyone know if this is normal or what is goin on? :ermm:

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Yellow watchman gobies can come in a bright yellow color and a light gray color. Usually when you buy them they will look pretty yellow, but can show their true color once they get aclimated to a home. I persoanlly bought a pair of yellow watchmans, but the male is yellow and the female is grey. They both eat well and are fun to watch at night.



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