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shy blood shrimp?


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Hey i just got a blood shrimp about 2 days ago and he's one shy mofo. Only time he ever comes out is when all the lights are off. You think once he gets use to the tank he'll come out more during the day, or is he just gonna hide all the time?

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i had one alone with 2 pep and 1 cleaner. he didn't hide much at all and would swim to my hand and pick at it like the cleaner. unfortunately he died several weeks after i got it. a patch of gray-ish color developed on his head, then the next morning the crabs were eating it.

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Alright, i went ahead and broke down and bought another blood shrimp. Sure enough after the new guy got in the tank the shy one came out and they have been all over the tank for the rest of the day. Now if they stay out from hiding is still yet to be seen. ???

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