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Coral Vue Hydros

16 gallon bowed finally with fish!!!


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Here are the latest picstures of the tank. The algae has been a problem and so has the aquascaping. The first time I had it, it was full of caves and underpasses. Then I realized that it would be blocking alot of light for hte clams and other things I wanted that were high light demanding. So when i got the frogspawn I had to redoe it again. Its not perfect, but I like this setup because its full of small crevices and then it has a has a large sand area for a clam or something else. Also shown is the sump that I promised in another post that I show.


Any comments are apperciated.






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Wow looks like you need a reef mower. Starting to look like a grass jungle in there. :)


What are the 4 protruding branches in the middle top?

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The yellow tailed was put in there after I lost 2 clowns for unknown reasons. After he survived a week I got my clowns again. Right not they don't seem to be having any conflicts so till then I'll leave the damsel in there. I need to get some snails just that the lfs around here is rather small so he doesn't have any snails. I need to get some the next time I'm there.

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