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Pink SPS Coral


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Ok, here's a small SPS coral I bought from a LFS. The guy who sold me the coral gave me it's scientific name, which I promptly forgot.:blush:


So, could anyone help me identify this coral? I'm sure it's pretty common... at least the price indicated it was pretty common.


Thanks in advance!

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I don't think so... the shop I got it from grows there own corals for the most part... they have a large display tank with most of the "parent" corals and then tanks with a selection of frags. I saw several of these that were much larger and had branches and they didn't seem any less colorfull.

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Its a nice frag but im almost sure its dyed. Most pink SPS corals are not so neon colored and their polyps are usually of a different color. If this color were to be naturally occuring then im sure it wouldnt be so "commonly" priced. But hey... it looks cool.

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That looks like a Stylophora pistillata to me. And no its not dyed either.


There are many corals that can have an intense pink coloration like that. A few that often do are Seriatopora, Stylophora, & Pocillipora species. They dont always have that kind of color but they're out there & its often hard to find them sometimes. I too have Stylophora pistillata with that exact same coloration and it will stay that way as long as it gets a good amount of light.


I dont know what lights you have but if you have MH's try placing it a little higher than mid section. If you have really strong lights midsection is fine.


BTW I cant say Ive ever heard of dyed SPS corals. The majority of dyed corals were LPS and softies like sinularia, nephthea, & turbinaria. I think it would be way to difficult to dye SPS corals, they would probably die too quickly.


Oh and I think jdsabin1 owes you some money =)



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Originally posted by DeskJockey

I think it would be way to difficult to dye SPS corals, they would probably die too quickly.


No pun intended eh?

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This picture was taken 08-09-2003 shortly after I put it in the tank. The picture I have above was taken (I think) about a week and a half later. I'll post a current pic when I get home from work.


I highly doubt this is dyed (though I don't know that I'd be able to tell the difference) but the guys I bought it from have a good rep in the Portland, Oregon region and they seem knowledgable about things - more so than my LFS.

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Im not trying to irritate the issue but SPS corals (order: scleractinia) can be dyed and have been sold as such although not so commonly.


If it is a naturally occuring color then it most certainly was kept under intense halide lighting and in shallow water. If your LFS was keeping this coral under PC lights then I would be skeptical of this color morph.


This is a picture of the neon pink color that most dyed corals are subject to...

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The way the color varies (it's not a constant , even color) I'd think it's naturally that shade.

From what I've seen , SPS tend to have more intense color toward the tips, which seems to be the case with this one.


Just an observation.



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It was under metal halide and VHO lights in the store - I don't know how much lighting was on the sales tanks but the display tank was something else! If I remember right it was a 250gal tank with an oak hood - within that hood there were about 6 400w Metal Halides and another 6 - 8 VHO lights running at 96w or higher. I could only look into the hood for a few seconds - you need shades to look into the hood for long. They have it vented out of the side of the building and they say that in the summers they can only run it untill the early afternoon or risk overheating the tank.


But that's all beside the point. I do believe the frags in the sales tanks were about midway in 100+ gal aquariums.


I have noticed that the top of the coral is pinker than the bottoms or the areas that are shaded.


I think I'll have to move this guy further towards the top of the tank then... right now he's only sitting a little ways up from the bottom on a piece of live rock. But I've been debating his final position anyway.


Again... thanks for the ID. I'll post a picture when I get home of the corals current state.

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I unfortuantely had an accident with some glue when trying to place the coral (I'm new...). So I'm not going to be able to get a decent picture for a bit... but since I'll have to wait longer to get a picture I guess the picture will really reflect wether it's a dyed coral or not.

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Stylo, and not dyed.


I have a frag from a guy's tank, and it was originally under 400w halides and a wicked pink color. Put it under PC's in the old tank and it faded a bit, but now is colored right back up under 175/250 combo.


Here's a pic under PC's.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Alas... I didn't have the right glue and it got all over the coral - well at least the base of the coral. Then it started to die off - go white at least - and at the very last sign of life I saw those nasty brown flatworms chomping away at it.... I'm prety sure it's dead... it's all white... *sigh* it was preatty.

BTW - is there a type of glue I can pick up from office max, walmart, fred myer, or home depot that would work for glueing coral to pieces of liverock under water?

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