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is this bubble algae


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Sorry no pic but here my great descrip.

Looks like a bunch (5-6) very small green

bubbles growing on my LR. They are not

growing but I read someplace that they

should be removed.




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Most likely, though a pic would help. I have them in my tank, never been a problem, but if you do plan on removing them make sure you do it gently, cuz if it is bubble algae and they pop expect a lot more. Come to think of it I did just remove some rather large bubbles of my LR. Just roll them back and forth gently with your finger and they should come off. or take the LR that is contaminated out and remove the algae, that way it won't spread througout the water coloumn.

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He pretty mcuh covered it. The other thing I've done is while doing a water change (with a small hose preferably) is pop them w/ the hose which then sucks up most of the spores. This works great if you have hundreds of them but for just 5-6 I'd take EdgeKrusher's advice.



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