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Coral Vue Hydros

life of a clown fish???


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I've personally seem some clarki's over 15 years old in some tanks. They would usually live longer in nature but exact years I dunno....it would also depend on the type of clown.


I've had 2 percula clowns (now in my 150 system for over 4 years and I know the previous owner had them for a little over 2.



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Cinnamon in my tank is about 5, and the false perc, royal gramma and cleaner wrasse are 7 or so, at least until the gramma went carpet surfing two months back. I did have a kissing gourami that was 13 y/o when it died.


There were a few threads on this on RC. I know they aren;t all clowns, but interesting nonetheless. Some quotes:


- I have a yellow brutlyd (looks like an eel) for over 16 years, percula clown 12 years figure eight puffer 12 years.


- my oldest is a yellow tang 8 years.


-Sailfin tang at The Brooklyn Aquarium. If I remember correctly it is 26 years old and huge. But I think I also recal a fish at the Hawiian Aquarium that is older than that.


- The longest I've had any fish in captivity is a Hepatus Tang I had for about 11 years.


- Tomato Clown, 11-12 years. PIA since the beginnning.


- There is a pair of 20 year old Tomato Clowns at an LFS I know of. They are still breeding and going strong.


- I knew of a grouper at the aquarium in Disney World that had been in captivity for approx. 70 years before it died.


- Oh yeah......I've got a Purple Tang going on 11 yrs.


- Yep, my Oscellarus Clown Pair has been in my care for 12 years

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