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Some weird kinda zoo? (no picture)


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I got some Kaelini rock from the LFS about a month ago, and it came with what I thought was a gold encrusting leather coral, that died back, and now these very small , very bright, red-pink polyps are poking up.

They're shaped pretty much like button polyps or zoos, however they're cupped (almost a bowl shape), and are fringed with very thin tentacles. They have small mouthes (much like a zoo mouth). They're about 1/8th to 1/4th inch across. They have -no- stalks and are attached at the base directly to the rock.

The thing is, they're translucent. I mean, maybe that doesn't mean anything, but that's why I have yet to assume they're zoos. They aren't anemones, and -do- close up like a polyp when the peppermint shrimp goes walking over them.


I can't seem to get a propper picture of them (the camera does not "do" zoom...), but any help at this point would be apriciated. They're growing very fast , and multiplying... so, I'd kinda like to know if I have a little colony of potential terrors growing in my tank.



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Could be a red feather worm, or calcherous tube worm colony starting......


also could be young corals. Live rock is funny... sometimes you get lucky with "New" liverock and the life hasn't been killed off and spores and micro colonies are forming. Could be any number of things.


Time will tell ;)



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